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"Calories don't count" says Chocolate

When craving occurs, only chocolate satisfies!

There are very few occasions and situations where mind and heart demand the same thing: Chocolate! The mouthwatering craving before we have the piece of chocolate in the hand, the amazing sensation from a square of chocolate brings a moment of bliss, richness of the aroma, and the melt in the mouth experience says it all.

Chocolate does make moments happier adding on the sweet memories, and what stays good remains for a long time, the special memories make the atmosphere overwhelmingly positive.

Commercial chocolates offer the same standardized taste everywhere, do we don’t deserve something more?

Homemade chocolates provide refined and distinct tastes with exotic feelings with different fillings which commercial chocolates cannot offer. The differences in richness, intensity, sweetness, and earthiness can only be experienced once you have them! The sound of unwrapping the heart-shaped homemade chocolates has the power to reverse and enhance our moods.

At kalakaary, we offer homemade chocolates with the fusion of Indianness which adds to the collection of sweet memories. Inspired by the season of festivity, we offer modak shaped dark and milk chocolates. Home-made chocolates by kalakaary are filled with natural flavors of almonds, pista, cashew, walnuts, and a mix of these. The flavors have the tempting power to reverse the mood.

The homemade chocolate hamper of kalakaary offers white chocolates, which gives off aromas of milk or cream, or caramel or malt, and Dark chocolate, which gives aromas of roasted coffee. The different flavors and chocolates can be customized by the customers to their needs.

Homemade chocolate pictures for an excellent edible gift whether it’s a birthday or festival. Wrap the chocolates in pretty colored paper and gift them to family, friends, or your Valentine.