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About Us

Our Story

Crafters, artists, creators - We all have met many human beings in our surroundings where everyone is a proud Artist. Some want to create, Some love the creation, and Kalakaary is discovered for the ones who are not only creative but support and understand creativity.

Kalakaary is the Patronage for our Local Artists who build million of art and craft daily. Our Motive is to gratify the Craftsperson and the Gourmet of Art.

So, we are your 'One Stop Shop' for both interested in creating and appreciating our Kalakaars.

About: About


Where the Passion Begins


Bharati Choudhary Kaswan


Mrs. Bharati is an aesthetic personality who loves appreciating and working with Kalakaars to a great extent which made her think upon the Mastermind Idea "Kalakaary". Our founder excels in 3 years of Marketing and Sales experience in Corporate world. She has completed her graduation in BCA and Post Graduation in MBA specialising in Marketing and IT. She has also completed her SAP course with global certification in Sales and Distribution. And holds many experiences in sports and  arts & crafts.

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