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Handmade is Heartmade

Your online handmade art and crafts store.

Kalakaary has everything you need to get your creative juices flowing. We stock the highest quality supplies, and conveniently deliver them right to your door. Browse our catalog to discover your selection and add your creative craft to sell and buy your Desirable products. 

Crafters, artists, creators - We all have met many human beings in our surroundings where everyone is a proud Artist. Some want to create, Some love the creation, and Kalakaary is discovered for the ones who are not only creative but support and understand creativity.

Kalakaary is the Patronage for our Local Artists who build million of art and craft daily. Our Motive is to gratify the Craftsperson and the Gourmet of Art.

So, we are your 'One Stop Shop' for both interested in creating and appreciating our Kalakaars.

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Drishti's Art

Mandala Art, Fluid Art and Paintings expert. Art on Cloths, Canvas, Bottles and Paper. Customized Paintings of Superhero, Food, Buddha etc.

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Choodi Bazzar

Handmade Rajasthani LAC Bangdi Bangles, Kangans in all Sizes, Colors and Stones for Normal Wear and Functions.

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Trident Fragrances

Homemade, 100% Natural variety of Soaps, Skin products and Perfumes . Full of Nourishing Ingredients.

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RB Creation

Handmade Floral Jewellery and Home Decor Items for all Occasions/Festival

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Handmade Items by our Kalakaar's. Good for Home Decor, Gifting

We Support "Vocal For Local" initiative.

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ISBAH Hand Embroidery

Handmade Embroidery items with Photos. Best for Gifts and Memories. Give smile to your Loved ones.

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Handmade, Fully designed Bookmarks and MANDALA Art. Good for Home Decor, Gifts.



Handmade Personal Care Items, Suitable for all Skin types and 100% Natural

About Kalakaary

Handmade is Heartmade

Kalakaary is for the free-spirited, the ones who express themselves through their art and craft. 

Kalakaary is powered by a zest for Indian crafts and arts. We place confidence in the allure of authentic handmade products, where each piece of art has the distinct uniqueness of the kaarigars we work with. We strive to unravel Indian Heritage and promote Indian craft across the globe.

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Probo Pride, Ravet, Pune, Maharashtra. 412101

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